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Property Maintenance

Securing a Healthy Space

Any living space deserves to be thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning is not merely for the look and appeal...

Experience leads to Satisfaction

Our experience in cleaning has made us realise that when it comes to cleaning, there are no short cuts.

Power Washing

Property Inspection & Maintenance Services Cork:Holistic Property Care

Your property is not merely your asset but also the concrete form of all your dreams. You have invested a lot of time and money into making your property what it is today. When your guests or clients come visiting, you want them to be in awe of your space. After all, it is the reflection of your achievements and aspirations. At the Whites Cleaning Service, we understand your concerns and offer the most holistic property maintenance service in Cork. From cleaning to repair – everything is taken care of by our professionals. It has to be kept in mind that a property is not a building that can function on its own. It needs that regular dose of care and attention. Whites Cleaning Service ensures that the entire property is well inspected regularly so that even a minute problem is brought to attention and taken care of immediately. We shower love and attention to every aspect of the maintenance work so that the building thrives as a whole. From internal to external up keeping – you can completely rely on us to give your space the warmth it deserves.

In-depth Inspections

Property inspections in Cork from Whites Cleaning Service are all about giving your residential or commercial those thorough walkthroughs that check every minute detail. From water leakage to grimy windows – nothing escapes the attention of our experts. Once we are done with the inspection, we begin the maintenance work. Our professionals go through extensive training programs so that no work seems too difficult for them. If it is about maintaining your property, Whites Cleaning Service has you sorted.

How we take care of your property?

  • Regular inspections
  • Thorough cleaning sessions
  • Ensuring that each part of the property is functioning properly
  • From windows to gutters – each is kept in perfect condition
Property Maintenance

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