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Power Washing

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Any living space deserves to be thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning is not merely for the look and appeal...

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Our experience in cleaning has made us realise that when it comes to cleaning, there are no short cuts.

Power Washing

Wash Away Stubborn Grime and Dirt

Over time, different parts of your property accumulate dust and grime that is somewhat impossible to remove completely via conventional methods. While conventional cleaning methods are great for normal, regular cleaning, thorough cleaning requires a certain extra effort. It is here that power washing from the Whites Cleaning Service has a great role to play. Power washing uses the technology of spraying water at a high speed to the targeted surface area. This jet of water is powerful enough to wash away those grime and dirt that just refuses to leave. Especially for intensely cleaning the roof, power washing serves a great purpose. From a stuck stray leaf to the dirt in the innermost corners – everything is easily cleaned. Being one of the most important parts of the property maintenance services in Cork, power washing from the Whites Cleaning Service is indeed a great choice.

Uniform Cleaning

At the Whites Cleaning Service, we use uniform power washing technology to ensure that your targeted surfaces get thoroughly cleaned. Our tools are such that equal pressure of water is applied uniformly so that none of the parts get too much or too little water. Moreover, power washing uses high-temperature water. This helps you to get rid of all kinds of unwanted elements like mould, stuck chewing gum, and so on. Power washing is a great option to clean any flat surface quickly without causing any kind of damage.

Powerful and Swift Cleaning

At Whites Cleaning Service, we give priority to powerful as well as swift cleaning. Our property inspections in Cork are so thorough that we bring it you your notice if any kind of growth or buildup is found in your roof or water tanks. If such is the case, you must note that those cannot be scraped away. However, those can be easily removed with the help of power washing. The water sprays are so powerful that the buildups get easily and swiftly removed.

Power Washing

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