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Key holder Service

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Any living space deserves to be thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning is not merely for the look and appeal...

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Key holder Service

Sorting Security

Do you want complete security for your commercial space? To ensure that you get the best security, Whites Cleaning Services provides safe and secure key holder services. Opening and closing a commercial space is a responsible job. Not only should the person always be on time but also should be adequately trained to do it best. Instead of relying on your staff, get the affordable key holder services in Cork from Whites Cleaning Service. Our professionals have been trained to maintain punctuality and regularity. With us as your key holders, you can be assured that your premises will open and close on time, every single day.

Get Intruder Alarms

Intruders may attempt to break into a commercial space. If an office staff is responsible for the keys, it is a matter of great risk. However, with Whites Cleaning Service as your key holders, no staff will ever face the horror of having to deal with an intruder. Your property and lives of the staff are completely safe with us. Moreover, even then, if and when intruders try to break open and enter your building, you will get alarms that will immediately warn you as to what is happening.

Responsibility and Affordability

At the Whites Cleaning Service, we are committed to giving the clients the most responsible key holding services. Your stipulated timing will be maintained by the seconds. You can totally count on that. We understand how important a factor time is. Hence, we ensure that our professionals open up your space even before the earliest staff is at the door. Similarly, during the closing time, we will be responsible for closing up after the last employee leaves. With us at service, no employee will have the hassle of ever having to lock or unlock doors. And, the best part is, all this comes as the most affordable key holder services in Cork.

Key holder Service

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