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White Cleaning Service

Securing a Healthy Space

Any living space deserves to be thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning is not merely for the look and appeal but also for the well being of those who frequent that space. At Whites Cleaning Service, we believe in making spaces healthier, inside out. From professional gutter cleaning in Cork to commercial window cleaning services in Cork – you are sure to get the most holistic cleaning services from us. Each part of a property is important. When it comes to cleanliness, each should be given equal priority. Every part of the property needs to be cleaned by experts who know it well as to how to make the space healthy again.

Expert Property Maintenance

Every property looks good when it is made to feel good. A property cannot feel good unless and until it is given that much-required dose of regular cleaning. However, a property also has to be maintained. This maintenance is much more than just cleaning. Cleaning is just a part of the process of maintenance. The professionals at Whites Cleaning Services have been trained in such a way that you can completely rely on them to maintain your property just like you would. They are much loved for the expert property maintenance services in Cork. At Whites Cleaning Services, we believe that a property is a living and breathing space – when it is taken care of in a proper way, it blooms.

Whites Cleaning Service

Whites Cleaning Services has been in the cleaning industry since 1988; extending its services to Cork City and West Cork.

Whites Cleaning Service

Quality Meets Expertise

At Whites Cleaning Services, we are determined to give you quality services by the most experienced workers. To ensure that the cleaning service of your property is top-notch, we use nothing but the best quality products. After all, cleanliness cannot and should not be compromised. All our workers are made to go through thorough and regular training so that they are well versed in all the latest cleaning techniques. We know that you want nothing but the best cleaning for your property. We go out of our way to guarantee you the best cleaning. From maintaining hygiene to bringing back that healthy glow – we are committed to giving your space that fresh breath of life!

Whites Cleaning Service

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Window Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning

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Power washing

Power Washing

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Property maintenance

Property Maintenance

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Key holder service

Key Holder Service

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Cold & bad weather property checks

Cold & bad weather property checks

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